Big Tree Woodworking
Hand Finished Black Walnut Party Plate
Black Walnut
No more wobbly wine glasses at your parties!

Guests can talk and nibble at the same time with this clever plate, designed to simultaneously hold food and cradle a wine glass. Lightweight and perfectly balanced plate fits perfectly in one hand and the rim helps keep food in place.

Your guests will be able to hold hors d'oeuvres and delicious wine with ease with these 7” square party plates with stemware hole! The stemware hole will allow a wine glass to rest smoothly but securely against the plate so that both food and drink can be carried safely with one hand. They are great to use and allow you to carry your food and drink in one hand so you can still shake hands with other guests at the party.

Perfect for parties at a hotel, banquet hall, an outdoor reception or an intimate holiday gathering in your home.

These are hand finished out of Black Walnut with a food safe oil finish. The wood ware should be maintained with soap and water, not dishwasher safe.
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